Choosing an ORM Service

A bad online reputation can be your company’s downfall. A good online reputation management service cleans it up for you.

When we think of damaged reputations, we usually think of scandals like Pepsi’s unfortunate commercial or the horrifying incident on the overbooked United Airlines flight. However, reputations can be damaged by poor reviews, deliberate attack or even a case of mistaken identity. Online reputation management services work to repair damaged images, protect reputations from harm and promote good reputations.

In the age of the internet, it’s easy to publicize bad news, and bad news spreads more easily. Even worse, people don’t get the whole story – if the story is true, what the circumstances were, and what the company has done since. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure the good or neutral news about your company gets to the top of search engine rankings and that you have a strong and positive social media presence. Therefore, the best online reputation management (ORM) companies concentrate on SEO, complaint management, and social media.

Before hiring an online reputation management company, determine why you need or want one. Are you in a reputation crisis, or does your company just not have the online presence you want? If your issue is more publicity than reputation, you may want to look at online marketing or social media services instead.

Next, determine the reputation issues that concern you. Some services excel at promoting individuals, while others work better with complaint issues. Some are best at search engine optimization and content creation, which can get your website to the top of search engine rankings. Knowing what you want helps you pick the right company for you.

What to expect

Regardless of the issue you are facing, you should expect any ORM firm to spend time discussing your reputation issue with you. It should also analyze your online presence and come up with a plan of action. You should be kept apprised every step of the way and have input into the steps taken.

The most common tactics of an ORM focus on burying the negative information with positive or neutral information that shows up higher in a search, providing a way for you to see and address complaints quickly, and keeping a flow of positive feedback and information.

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3 Reputation Management Tips To Soften The Blow Of Bad Press

In the age of social media and Internet everywhere, it’s easy to find companies scrambling to protect their image. For example, Pepsi recently pulled an ad that purportedly trivialized protest movements. After an avalanche of backlash, United Airlines moved to full-apology mode in response to the incident in which a doctor was dragged from a plane to provide a seat for United employees.

It is hard to think clearly when your reputation careens away from the runway. But whether the situation is big or small, these three tips can mitigate the risk of permanent damage in the court of public opinion.

In a PR crisis, a poor response can be deadly.

In a PR crisis, a poor response can be deadly.

Share the lessons you’ve learned. Mansal Denton is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Nootropedia, a database of information on nootropics (cognitive enhancing substances). If you Google Denton, the first result will likely illuminate a dark past, At age 23, Denton was sentenced to 8 years in prison for stealing historical artifacts when he was 19 years old. As the Google result suggests, it is unlikely he can hide from this high profile crime. But as the results also convey, Denton has become a bit of a public figure as he writes for Entrepreneur and HuffPost and has contributed to other publications. How did he navigate the move from prison convict to influencer? “It was an accident, really,” he explains. After publicly apologizing, which took his power back from detractors, he now speaks earnestly about the lessons he learned.


Source: 3 Reputation Management Tips To Soften The Blow Of Bad Press